Morkor (Pronounced //; Arkorish //) is an cold world that is the sixth planet from the star known as Tatharor (//). It is part of the Interior. Known as the Planet of Ice or the Mother of Winter by old Bukorni text. It is inhabited by the native population of Bukorni of about sixty million. Some of its key cities are built into the cold earth and with ice that takes up two thirds of the planet year round it is a necessity. The planet is the capital of the INStI systems and due to its centralized location is the crossroads to the rest of the galaxy, a sling of systems known as the Heart Route runs through the system.

It serves as a stopping and selling point for merchants and is often flooded with elderly immigrants throughout the year. With its 45 degree tilt the planet suffers from serve weather and due to its distance from Tatharor it has an average temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.

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Mokor is a planet located in the Interior. Located along the Heart Route it serves as a pass through the star ridden Interior. The planet was created and expected 3.9 Billion years ago. It is believed that its 45 degree axis comes from the large impact known as The Dosi Impact with an asteriod nearly 2.7 Billion years ago. The planet suffers from harsh winters and long summers. The large plains around the equator are the central part of life in Mokor. With its temperature staying around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius and near the magnetic north pole the temperature reaches nearly -192 degrees Celsius. The cities of Vtok, Athamman, and Wuanor take up nearly half of the populations alone.

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